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We offer professional patio design and installation services to create a beautiful, functional outdoor living space for your home.
  • Patio Design and Installation for Big Island Coconut Company in Pilialoha, HI

A patio is a great way to add value and beauty to your outdoor space. Whether you are looking for a place to entertain guests, relax in the sun, or just enjoy the beauty of nature, a patio can be an ideal addition. The Big Island Coconut Company is a tree care and landscaping company that offers patio design and installation services that can bring your outdoor dreams to life.

When it comes to designing and installing patios, Big Island Coconut Company has the experience that cannot be matched by any other company in Hawaii. Their team of professionals has been providing high-quality landscaping services for many yeards, so you can rest assured knowing we have the knowledge and skills necessary to create an amazing outdoor space for you.

What’s more? With Big Island Coconut Company’s patio design and installation service, you’ll have access to an extensive portfolio of options when it comes to materials such as pavers, stone slabs, wood decking tiles, or artificial turf – giving you complete freedom when it comes time for selecting your preferred look and feels. Furthermore, with their experienced team of installers on hand from start to finish – from initial consultation through final touches – we guarantee quality workmanship with every job we do - ensuring lasting results!

Big Island Coconut Company also offers a range of additional benefits including professional advice on how best to utilize your new space as well as how best to maintain it going forward; thus allowing you to take full advantage of all the potential uses your new patio may bring! Additionally, their friendly staff will help make sure all project guidelines are followed perfectly while at the same time providing excellent customer service throughout the entire duration – leaving nothing but satisfaction in its wake!

Finally if budget is something which may concern customers then worry not as Big Island Coconut Company strives towards offering competitive pricing packages without compromising on quality - making sure that every penny spent adds up towards creating something truly special within your property!

All in all, there really isn't any reason why one should not consider booking Patio Design & Installation Services provided by Big Island Coconut Companies Tree Care & Landscaping Services - especially given their wealth of experience coupled with vast amounts of expertise which makes them perfect candidates for this type job!.

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  • out of 5 stars
    I had several very tall avocado trees that needed to be trimmed. A large branch broke and fell into my driveway. I really appreciated Jeffrey’s fast responses, communications and fair pricing. His team did great work and clean up. I plan to use Big Island Coconut for my other landscaping needs.
    Lynn Vertefeuille
    Tree Service
  • out of 5 stars
    Jeffrey and one of his hard working men removed a large stack of rotting Pine Tree logs from my back yard. The pile was so old and wet that there were Wild Orchids and Keki Hapu growing from it. The logs were from 3 to 5 foot long and consisted of approximately 2 cords of wood altogether. I think a couple of those logs weighed more than Jeffery but neither man hesitated to grab hold of the project and they worked beyond the call in the cold wet Volcano area rain to finished the job as promised to me, their customer in need. I am thankful for their work ethics and professional, polite and faithful attitude as they completed the job as scheduled. Based on MY experience, I would recommend Jeffery and his crew at Big Island Coconut Company for any job they agree to do for their customers. Tony K. Volcano, HI.
    Tony K.
    Tree Service
  • out of 5 stars
    Jeffrey is very professional and pleasant to talk to. He has kept me updated on on my lawn project and is very knowledgeable about trees and has great wholistic methods of working with lawn management. He has also gone the extra mile for me to see other issues at my house and fix them for me. He is a great steward of land and I am grateful to have his help!
    Gayle Luce
    Tree Service

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